TOOGIEZ World of Fashion

TOOGIEZ is original from my birth, the nickname my mom has always called me other than my real name Nasir.  TOOGIEZ is a representation of me... Laid back and plotting my next move at all times. TOOGIEZ is for all my laid back and motivated people out there!



2020 Pandemic launched Toogiez

Hi, I'm Toogiez "aka Nasir", a 15 year old athlete in Aurora, CO with a vision for a relaxed clothing line for all the laid back but motivated people out there.  After returning from spring break vacation in March of 2020, my life as I knew it changed.  There were no more sports, no hanging out with friends and school was remote.  As a former Golden Gloves Champion turned football player, this was a new foreign land for me.  Being an honor roll student my #1 focus was to maintain my grades during this hard time, but my parents were not happy with the "extra time" on my hands that  I now spent dedicated to video games!  They challenged me to not "sit around and play the game all day", so I decided it was time to launch a vision I had for a while.. Toogiez World of Fashion.. I hope you enjoy! 



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